If you want hair free (peach fuzz), brighter looking skin allowing your makeup to glide smoothly on then Dermaplaning is what you are looking for!

It is also an excellent treatment to have prior to any microdermabrasion, microneedling or chemical peels to further enhance the results.

What does Dermaplaning do?

  • Manual exfoliation technique
  • Removes surface debris with custom dermaplaning blade

Benefits of Dermaplaning

  • Increases absorption of topical products
  • Immediately diminishes the appearance of fine
  • Lines and wrinkles
  • Primes skin for chemical peel creates healthier, more radiant appearance

What can I expect during my Dermaplane treatment?

Dermaplane treatments last approximately 30 minutes.  The area to be treated will be cleaned, and then sterile blade will be used to gently remove oils, dirt and peach fuzz.   There is no downtime for this treatment, anaesthesia is not needed, and it is totally pain free.  The sloughed off skin cells and peach fuzz will be gently wiped away revealing a fresh, vibrant and brighter skin surface.

When soon will I see results?

Initial benefits from a dermplane treatment are immediately noticeable.  However, to achieve optimal results you should have regular maintenance treatments.  It took several years for your skin to lose its vitality and will therefore take time to regenerate new skin cells.  At Derma Aesthetics, Brentwood, we advise one session every 4-6 weeks to obtain and maintain maximum results.

What can I expect after my dermaplane treatment?

Dermaplaning is non-invasive and therefore has a low risk of complications and it is one of the safest skin rejuvenation treatments available.  However, some patients have reported redness or a dry feeling to their skin after a treatment, but this is temporary.  Typical care following your treatment includes the use of moisturisers and sunscreens, and avoiding sun exposure for a few days post treatment.  There is absolutely no downtime for this  procedure, and many people have this performed during their lunch hour and return to their regular activities immediately afterwards.

What happens to the “peach fuzz” after a dermaplane treatment?

The hair on your face is not the same as the hair on your legs or bikini line and it is important to note that your hair will not grow back thicker and only the soft downy hairs (peach fuzz) will be removed.  For those patients with thicker hairs it is advised to thread these out beforehand as these will grow back stubbly if removed.

What should I NOT expect from my dermplane treatment?

Regular dermaplane treatments can improve or eliminate superficial skin problems and works on all skin types and colours whilst causing no skin colour change or scarring.   However, you should note that it is not effective for problems such as stretch marks, deep acne scarring, keloids or reducing wrinkles.

Can I combine my dermaplane treatment with other treatments?

The answer to that is absolutely!  At Derma Aesthetics, Brentwood, you can combine a dermaplane treatment with any of our chemical and enzyme peels or even our Dermapen micro needling.  However, a full consultation will be needed to determine your skin’s suitability.  By removing the outermost layer of the epidermis, a dermaplane treatment allows whatever rejuvenating skin treatment that follows to have a deeper and more long-lasting effect.

To find out which treatments are best for you, or to book a consultation contact us on 01277 213 980.  Alternatively, you can contact us using the form at the bottom of this page.

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