Wrinkle Reduction

Look Younger and HealthierWho wants wrinkles?

As the number one sign of ageing, wrinkles cause so much concern and anxiety in people.  Well the Venus Freeze has an effective treatment for tackling ageing skin.  You can lessen unwanted wrinkles and facial lines  for a more youthful, vibrant appearance.  Your friends will notice a new you!

The Venus Freeze Wrinkle Reduction treatment is designed to specifically target wrinkles and lines.  It is particularly effective on the face but can treat the whole body as necessary.  The treatment works by tightening the skin and rejuvenating your skins natural collagen production.  It’s great for around the eyes, jowels, cheeks and can restore a saggy neckline and a tighter neck can make you look slimmer.

It’s pain and surgery-free, unlike procedures like Botox, vampire face lift or plastic surgery, the Venus Freeze wrinkle reduction treatment is completely non-invasive and is so relaxing that some patients fall asleep!

Sessions are short and simple, about 30 minutes long, and afterwards you can return to work or home as there is no downtime.  Some people notice results immediately but for lasting results we recommend a series of at least 8 weekly sessions.  We will advise you with your first consultation.

Contact us on 01277 213 980 for further information or to book a consultation.  Alternatively, you can contact us via our website.