Venus Freeze Skin Tightening

Skin tightening and proven beauty results the world over

Skin Tightening Treatments

Despite it’s name, patients (men and women) are usually surprised that Venus Freeze treatments are actually quite pleasant, warm, comfortable and noticeable results within only a few short sessions.  Take a look at some before & after pictures to see for yourself.

  • No Pain, no Injections and no knives
  • It’s pain free, quick, effective and with no downtime
  • Proven beyond doubt to deliver results
  • Non-invasive skin tightening treatment
  • Works on the face, neck and body
  • Available to men and women

How This Innovative Technology Works

The Venus Freeze uses a revolutionary mixture of technologies (called RF and MP2) that time-and-again delivers quick and lasting results for your skin problems such as wrinkles, cellulite and stretching.  It is suitable for the face and body and perfect on all types of skin and colour, male or female.  Using radio frequency with magnetic pulses the Venus Freeze heats the skin from inside out which stimulates new collagen and elastin fibres.  You will see quick and noticeable results such as smoothing and tightening of the skin, whilst also plumping out lines and wrinkles.

An Array of Venus Freeze Treatments

The main Venus Freeze treatments are for skin tightening, such as facial lines, reducing wrinkles and anti-ageing of skin.  In the USA the Freeze has been called “the face lift of the future”.  Venus Freeze can also deliver great results for cellulite reduction, inch-loss and body contouring.

  • Anti-ageing Facials – popular with celeb’s and top models
  • Skin Tightening – neck, chin, arms, legs, buttocks, etc
  • Cellulite Reduction – legs, bottom
  • Wrinkles Reduction – eye area, forehead, hands, etc
  • Body Shaping / Firming / Inch Loss (thighs, waist, stomach)

Logo: London Evening StaTried and Tested: London Evening Standard.
“It feels like a relaxing facial massage but the “Magnetic Melt” takes just 30 minutes to deliver gentle skin tightening and leave your skin glowing. It can even be used on drooping eyelids.”

Try the facial, you are just minutes away to smoother skin

Top models and celebrities already know how good the “Freeze Facial” is.  The Venus Freeze has also proven popular with men and women at recent the London Fashion Week.  And many A-Listers have used the “Freeze” before they step-out for the film and TV awards.

With great results and without pain in only a few 30 minute sessions, it is not hard to see why the Venus Freeze Facial is so popular. Easily done in a lunch-time, you can smooth out the wrinkles and lines without expensive or painful surgery.  We usually recommend and advise a course of treatments for better and longer lasting results.

Tried and Tested: Rita, a Venus Freeze Patient.
“The first time I was in to try the Venus Freeze I must say I was amazed! There was no pain whatsoever. I loved it. I know in the past with other treatments there was a pinching sensation. With this one it was just warm to the point that I was so relaxed that I could have fell asleep. I would recommend it to other people. At least try it, it’s amazing.”

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